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Roll Up Piano

  • Model No.:EL-E2009
  • Brand:Roll Up
  • Weight:1.0kg

Flexible Digital Piano 61 Key model

  1. Detailed information

*Keyboard: 61 standard keys (5 sets octachord)

*Tone: 100 tones are available (001~100 tone control)

*Rhythm: 100 accompaniments available (001~100 rhythm accompaniment)


* 12 Demo songs

* Record and playback (NEW!)

* Learning mode (NEW!)

* Sustain pedal available (NEW!)

* Digital display: in which the tones and rhythms of the roller Piano are displayed.

* Inner connection of amplifier: earphone/amplifier(Home Theater) can be connected externally.

* Power supply: with power saving design. inbuilt 4 AA batteries (can be played continuously for 15 hours), available for outer connection of power.

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