MAGICON 3C Appliance

Micro UVC light Disinfector and sterilizer for iphone & android phones

This product is the first UV sterilizer in China. It is highly efficient and energy-saving. It is a unique and compact UVC sterilizer. The sterilizer uses high-precision special wavelength ultraviolet light UVC to sterilize and disinfect the surface of items. Common bacteria and viruses such as cocci and influenza viruses have a strong lethality, reaching a sterilization rate of 99.9% in 5 seconds. main application 1. Household items, kitchen utensils, washing tools, etc., to meet people's home and travel sterilization needs; 2. Infants and babies, pacifiers, toys, dining tables, chairs and other bacteria are still growing after cleaning. Take a picture with an instant sterilizer, and the bacteria and virus DNA will be destroyed instantly 3. Precautions when going out, such as bus handrails, public toilets, shopping carts, micro wounds; 4. Office environment, keyboard and mouse, cash register keyboard, telephone headset, conference room supplies, etc .; 5. Personal belongings, watches, jewelry, various cards, key cases, etc. All in all, the MagicOn Mini Instant Sterilizer has a small appearance and a wide range of uses, all to deal with bacteria and viruses around you. Specifications Product Name: Mini Instant Sterilizer Power: 0.4w Output voltage: 5V Net weight: 3g Input voltage: DC3.7V gross weight: 20g Product size: 30 * 10 * 15mm Packaging size: 90 * 70 * 16mm