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Wersi USB portable rollup 61 key MIDI keyboard

Wersi USB portable rollup 61 key MIDI keyboard

●Individual packing: Gift box

●Qty per unit packing:1 PCS

●Control box size: 10.2(W) x 18.0(H) x 3.0(D)cm

●Keyboard size: 88.5(W) x 17.5(H) x 0.4(D)cm

●CTN size: 57.47x41.28 x 28.58CM

●Unit packing size: 28.50x20.00x 9.0CM

●Unit packing weight: 1.5 KGS


●N./G.W.: 16.5 /17.9KGS

* Keyboard: 61 standard keys (5 sets octaves)

* Tone: 129 tones are available (000~128 tone control)

* Rhythm: 50 accompaniments available (000~49 rhythm accompaniment)

* 191 Demo songs

* Built-in USB MIDI IC (NEW!)

* Chord functions

* Recording and playback

* Sustain pedal function available

* Digital display: in which the tones and rhythms of the roller Piano are displayed.

* Inner connection of amplifier: earphone/amplifier(Home Theater) can be connected externally.

* Power supply: with power saving design. battery-operatable, available for outer connection of power.(with power adapter)

* Foldable, easy to carry