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Smart Fitness Ring

Smart Fitness Ring is a fitness game app suitable for people who want to do body shaping or body building at home during this very moment, you'll never get bored again while exercising, the product takes little space, with HDMI sync screen cable (included in the package, it worths 19.9 USD on amazon at least), with this cable you can easily cast your phone screen onto the TV.

This App contains a variety of tutorial games with exercises, which is a comprehensive entertainment and fitness app. The smart fitness ring is a fitness product. To use it, you need to understand its rules of use, understand the principles of exercise, and perform stretching exercises before use. All these instructions and operations are included in this app, and this app also includes A variety of sports fitness games to provide fitness guidance. The app can record various sports data and rank the sports records during exercise.

This app needs to be registered before it can be used. The app includes functions such as connection guidance and usage introduction of the smart fitness ring. It is an entertainment and fitness game app used with the smart fitness ring independently developed by our company.