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Portable piano keyborad 61keys

2021-12-10 11:42:30 Shandy 7836
This 61 keys portable folding piano is a great way to introduce new players to music. If you’re looking for a good range but without the length of an 88-key piano, it’s one for your shortlist. There are plenty of features here. People can choose from 128 different instrument sounds, 128 different rh*ythms. And to show you what the piano can do, there are 21 demo tracks to listen to. It has built-in speakers, but headphones can be plugged in too for private practice. And if you need more volume, there’s a jack for connecting to an external speaker. It also supports Bluetooth, which allows you to connect to MIDI or play audio via Bluetooth. Interestingly, it weighs only 2.5 kg, which means it won’t take up much room! People can take it anywhere they want.